Hi. Thank you for coming. This is my site. I created it to keep me on track in following through on my various passions.

I have two young kiddos. They're really good at throwing me off track when I try to get into something that's not them-related. But they're cute and funny and sometimes give me shoulder massages so I keep them.

I've been a New York state-licensed massage therapist since 2008. Shortly before getting licensed, I found out I was pregnant with my first child, my son. To me, this was clear direction to focus on pre- and post-natal bodywork. So as not to leave out the little ones, I also pursued continued training in infant and pediatric massage. Teaching infant massage classes is one of the most joyful things I do. 

After having both of my children, I expanded my certifications to include oncology massage and massage for women who have had a mastectomy or other breast surgery. My goal is to help women feel comfortable in their bodies, no matter what their bodies have been through. Welcoming my clients into my home and holding sacred space for their trust in my hands, I treat each one as I would a friend.

In addition to massage therapy, I'm a lover of herbs and essential oils. These elements are magical for me. I'm constantly researching and learning and using them more regularly in my family's daily life. Whether it's simmering a pot of elderberry syrup in the Fall or picking fresh Spring chives from the wooded acres by our house, I find great comfort in embracing the herbs that the Earth provides for our support every season.

My collection of essential oils is counted on regularly. From formulating my daughter's effective diaper butter balm to creating a welcoming, cozy home environment with an oil diffuser, we've come to rely on oils and their nutritive properties as part of our daily routine. They've done their fair share in promoting health and happiness for us. Stay tuned as I continue to create, and begin to sell, handcrafted balms for you and your family using a plethora of my beloved essential oils (and butters and carrier oils and and and...!)

Although I'm regularly self-educating, please note that I am not an expert or authority on either herbs or essential oils by any stretch of the imagination. Any recipes that I give have worked for me. I cannot vouch that they will work for you. As always, do your own diligent research and be vigilant as to the message that a specific herb or essential oil is sending you personally. Diligent vigilancy. Try saying that three times fast.

If you are a woman in the NYC-area and are interested in having a session at my Inwood home studio, please use the contact page to reach out for an appointment or contact me directly at saratkellner at gmail.com.