Caresses, expressions of one sort or another, are necessary to the life of the affections as leaves are to the life of a tree.
— Nathaniel Hawthorne


When is the best age to start infant massage?

The ideal time to learn infant massage is before they've learned how to crawl. I can, however, show you how to massage your child no matter their age. 

Do you massage my baby?

As much as I'd love to massage babies all day, the value in infant massage is in teaching it to the parents or caregivers. The bond, both emotional and tactile, that is created between a parent and their massaged infant is invaluable and lifelong. If you're struggling with a specific stroke, however, I'm more than happy to show you on your baby, so long as kiddo is also ok with it. 

What type of oil or lotion do you recommend?

First, it is important to use some sort of lubricant for the gliding moves as, one study showed, infants exhibited fewer stress behaviors and lower cortisol levels following massage with oil versus massage without oil.

Second, I recommend apricot kernel or grapeseed oil, because they are two of the lightest edible oils. Why edible? Because the oil will be absorbed into the babies' skin, it will get on their hands, they put their hands in their mouth, you get the idea! I do not recommend any nut oil due to possible allergies and I also do not recommend olive oil because of its heavier constitution and its tendency to make your baby smell like a salad. Coconut oil, while a bit more viscous, is also a rich, skin-nutritive choice for baby.

I also advise against any of those expensive, delicious-smelling baby lotions. Babies rely heavily on their sense of smell to navigate their surroundings and scented lotion cannot only bombard their olfactory glands but it prevents them from smelling and connecting with the most loving, comforting scent they know: yours.

How long does a typical infant massage last?

If you're lucky enough to have caught your baby at that magical Quiet Alert period and they're really picking up what you're putting down, 15-20 minutes is a wonderful interval for a good, thorough massage.

Infant massage. Is this a trend like craft beer or cronuts?  

The reason many people haven't heard of infant massage is precisely the reason it's so incredibly important to learn. Studies have shown that low-touch societies tend to have higher incidents of random violence. The U.S. is considered a very low-touch society and no one can deny the heartbreaking crime we wake up to nearly every day. A change must come and it must start with how we raise our babies.

Touch is the first sense developed within the womb. We spend the next several months being constantly massaged by the walls of our mother's uterus and the surrounding amniotic fluid. Being born and entering our world, babies require the same regular physical nourishment in order to survive and thrive in infancy. Infant massage, as such, is as ancient as birth itself.

Can pre-natal massages be performed during the first trimester?

YES. The reason many places do not offer massages during the first trimester is due to the high natural miscarriage rate. Studies show that 10-25% of clinically-recognized pregnancies will end in miscarriage, most of which occur during the first trimester of pregnancy. Although getting a supportive, relaxation massage during your first trimester will only assist in lowering stress levels and thereby supporting the pregnancy, many therapists do not want to be held unfairly accountable should a pregnancy turn out not to be viable. 

Do you only perform pre- & post-natal massage therapy?

No. Although I specialize in the childbearing year and infancy, my core training is in providing massage therapy to non-pregnant folk. I am able to provide Swedish, deep-tissue, pre-/post-natal, Reiki (level II practitioner), sports massage, oncology massage and massage for women who have had a mastectomy or breast implant(s).

Which methods of payment are accepted?

Cash, check, Paypal, Venmo and major credit cards accepted. 

Are any discounts offered for multiple massage therapy sessions purchased?

I am happy to offer the following discounted packages:

  • 5% discount on a package of 5 sessions purchased
  • 10% discount on a package of 10 sessions purchased. This amounts to booking 9 sessions and receiving the 10th session free.
  • 5% discount on private infant massage instruction to those moms who have booked 3 or more sessions during their pregnancy.
  • 5% discount off your session for every client you refer that completes her own session.

What is the cancellation policy for massage therapy sessions?

There is a strict 24-hour cancellation policy for all massage therapy sessions. If you cancel under 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, full payment will be due. 

Cancellation for private infant massage instruction is more flexible. Babies often get sick. We want our sessions with them to be as enjoyable as possible. It's best to reschedule for a future date if your baby becomes ill right before an infant massage instruction lesson. Please try to provide at least 24 hours notice.

Are gift cards available?

You know it. A gift card for a pre-natal massage or private infant massage instruction session is a wonderful, unique gift for any baby shower. Even if the mom does not use her gift card while still pregnant, there is no expiration date and all cards are transferrable to ensure that someone, somewhere along the line, will reap the benefit.

Gift cards can be purchased via Paypal or Venmo and will be sent to the purchaser or recipient, as specified. E-gift cards are not yet available but, if requested, could be created.