Where touching begins, there love and humanity also begin.
— Ashley Montagu, anthropologist



  • Increased, focused bonding between child and caregiver
  • Improved communication as caregiver learns baby's unique cues
  • Improved infant weight gain & enhanced growth in preterm infants 
  • Sounder and longer sleep patterns for baby
  • Relief from discomfort caused by gas and/or constipation
  • Assists in proprioception: baby's sense of his physical body in space
  • Provides sensory stimulation which stimulates neural brain growth
  • For pre-term babies: those who received regular massage while in the NICU were discharged an average of 6 days earlier with 47% greater weight gain. These infants also had higher levels of secretory immunoglobulin A (SIgA) which protects against respiratory tract infections, than infants not stroked.


** If your baby has any health condition, disease or disorder, please consult with your pediatrician before starting any infant massage protocol. I'd be happy to speak with your pediatrician about any specific issues or concerns you, or they ,may have. In addition, please do not massage any infant with: acute infection, fever, staph infection, tuberculosis, hemophilia, high blood pressure, contagious skin disorder, inflammation, fractures, osteoporosis, distention of abdomen or adbominal lump, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, swollen joints, malignant cysts, jaundice, recent surgery, advanced stage diabetes, gastrointestinal or jejunostomy feeding tubes at least two weeks after surgery or until healed, varicose veins, dislocated or broken bones, hydrocephalus and seizure disorders.


Each class, whether group or private, includes the following:

  • Discussion of the numerous benefits of infant massage 
  • Knowledge of basic anatomical development and how you can physically support your baby during their growth
  • The teaching of simple strokes and stretches that you can do with your baby
  • 1 small 2 oz. bottle of apricot kernel oil to use during the workshop, if desired

1-Day Group Workshop - $20 per infant, 75-90 minutes

Group Workshops have a maximum of 4 babies so as to not create too much distraction and to allow a bit of personalized instructor time at the end of class. Our sessions are lively, informative and offer a casual setting that helps the group stay on task while also allowing for feeding, crying, diaper changes or just shouting at the world (baby). This 1-day workshop typically lasts 90 minutes.

Please note that these workshops are for any caregivers i.e. parents, grandparents, nannies, daycare providers, etc. If you are pregnant, you're very welcome to use one of my teaching dolls in order to get hands-on practice with the strokes and stretches. 

In addition to learning an invaluable skill for bonding with and supporting your child, it's also delightfully common for the parents in my classes to develop friendships of their own. 

Private Sessions - $85 for one home visit (within Manhattan)/$65 for Inwood/Washington Heights families/$40 at my home studio 60 minutes

Private lessons allow for parents and caregivers (nannies, grandparents, etc.) to receive instruction better tailored to their, and their baby's, individual needs. Private lessons take place in the baby's home and can be scheduled a time that best suits the baby's schedule.

Private Group Sessions - $40 per family, 60 minutes

To book a private group session in your home with friends or members of your parents' group, I require a minimum of 2 families.

My availability for private sessions is every other weekend 12pm - 6pm.