As a woman transitions from Maiden to Mother, it's an incredibly vibrant time full of hope, expectation, concern and stress. It's an expansive energy of growth as her physical size increases, her belly expanding as her baby is nourished. It's also  an introspective and reflective time as she focuses on maintaining a nutritive, enriching pregnancy and considers the mom she is about to become.

It is human nature to seek out a tribe for companionship and mutual caregiving. In the 21st century, however, our biological "tribes" are more frequently long-distance and, as we begin to start our own small families, we find a gaping hole in our support system. This is especially true when living in a large metropolis such as New York City. Although she may find support from her partner or close friends, new moms often begin their families with very few people around who are able to provide the full breadth of support that is needed. This is a gap Bitty Kneads hopes to help fill. 

Pre-natal massage greatly assists, not only the physical aspects of pregnancy, but, also, "mothers the mother". It provides nourishing support to help alleviate stress and assist the mom in more deeply connecting with her baby, who also feels the effects of her renewed, peaceful energy. All pre-natal sessions after the first trimester are done with the mom in side-lying and elevated supine (laying on back) positions, thoroughly supported with pillows. Post-natal massage comes at a time when most people focus only the new baby and forget about all the care that the new mom needs, helping her to heal and rejuvenate so she has the physical and emotional strength to be the best mom possible.

Sara provides pre- & post-natal massage at various wellness centers throughout the city, as well as, in the privacy of your own home with her portable table. Both allow her to reach mothers in all Manhattan neighborhoods. Queens/Brooklyn/Bronx served on case-by-case basis.

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60-minute house call


* Please note: No gratuity accepted. The hourly rate is the full amount due, inclusive of 4.5% New York service sales tax.*