a meditation

Once, in my 20s, I sat in my first meditation class. The teacher told us to think of all the labels we’ve given ourselves and all of the labels that have been given to us by others. Labels like woman, daughter, sister, friend, employee, neighbor, citizen, student, vegetarian, Seinfeld fan. And on and on and on. To imagine each label coming out on a spoke from a central beam of light which represented our own Being. To see all these labels surrounding us. And then to see them…


Evaporate. Dissolve.

All these defining terms to just go away and leave…what?

You. Leaving you.

This meditation was very powerful for me. I left the class feeling light as air, feeling connected to everyone on the planet. Those I could see and those I could not. Stars in my blood and the Galaxy in my skin. I felt love and unity in an intensity that I had not ever felt before.

Many years have passed since this meditation. Zooming through a fast-paced life as a mom of 2, living and working full-time in New York City, it’s so super easy to lose the feeling of Universal connection I felt that evening. I make a regular effort to get back to that space, to take time to indulge in my loves, the things that make me blur the definition of my labels and make me feel I’m doing my part on this Earth because I’m creating.

Some of my labels are mom, massage therapist, amateur herbalist, aromatherapy fanatic, pescatarian, ultra-light sleeper. This is a portal for me to explore my labels and who I am behind them. And beyond them.

Thank you for bringing your positivity, your encouragement,  your love, your light, your music and inspiration. 

Sara Kellner-Tsulis, lmt